2011 Art Show

For the 2011 Art Show, our theme was Famous Artists!  My Art Club kids helped out to run the art show by giving voters tours and dressing up like the famous artists we portrayed in our art work!

These students dressed up like Keith Haring figures.  They picked a solid color to wear and then we sprayed their hair with colored hair spray!

This was our VanGogh!  He was a hoot!  He went to the nurse to have her bandage up his head like his ear had been cut off.  The entire night, he kept making references and jokes about missing his ear!  He was such a hit!

The bald Jackson Pollock!

This was Leonardo painting his Mona Lisa!

And last, but not least, here are our bowling pins that we auctioned off at the end of the night.  The kids did AWESOME on these and it was our best fund raiser yet!  We haven't been able to top this one as we made a little over $900 that night!

We had a live auctioneer donate his time to auction these off for us.  If the student was able to be present, they came up to showcase their bowling pin...if they weren't able to be there, I showcased it for them!

Can you guess the artists these bowling pins are based off of?

These three bowling pins were mine.  The Keith Haring one is my baby and is sitting on my bookshelf at home...I couldn't give that one up!  The other art teacher made a Starry Night bowling pin as well.  We decided not to auction ours off as we didn't want to take away from the artwork the elementary students made.  I gave my Andy Warhold pin to my elementary principal at the time and the Monet bowling pin to the high school principal.  The Starry Night pin went to the superintendent, all as a thanks for giving us the support to do this crazy art show!


  1. Where did you get the bowling pins from? I think this is such a great idea

    1. I actually just went to the two local bowling alleys and asked if they had any pins they were throwing out. One of the alleys didn't really have many, but the other one gave me 5 boxes! All bowling alleys have to recycle their pins when they have chunks taken out of them, so you may end up getting some bowling pins with holes in the sides, but they can still be used!

  2. What did u use to paint them with? And what grades did these? I have about 150 pins I need use. And after you painted them did you put a coat of anything over?
    Also did you sand them before painting them??? Sorry for all the questions...
    Thanks for the help

    1. First we primed the bowling pins with gesso, and then lightly sanded them with fine sand paper. We drew the basic designs with pencil first and then painted with acrylic. I sprayed them with a glossy fixative after they were finished.