Kindergarten Art Lessons

Kindergarten Art Projects

2013-2014 Art Projects (Curriculum Order):
1. NYS Common Core Listening & Learning Strand: Nursery Rhymes: Hey Diddle Diddle Shape Cows
2. NYS Common Core Math: Counting and Cardinality: Jasper John's Oil Pastel Numbers
3. Mondrian Inspired Collages (Coming soon!)
4.  NYS Common Core Math:  Geometry:  Secondary Shapes
5. NYS Common Core Math: Geometry:  Pattern Cows
6. NYS Common Core Listening & Learning Strand: Seasons & Weather: Rainy Day Self-Portraits Coming soon!

All Kindergarten Art Projects (ABC Order):

Four Seasons Trees (Tutorial)
Four Seasons Trees (Finished)

Hey Diddle Diddle Shape Cows (NYS Common Core aligned)

Pattern Cows Part 1
Pattern Cows Part 2

Primary Lines Part 1

Secondary Shapes (Includes a worksheet)


  1. I love these lessons! Could they be ordered in the way that you would teach them? (For example, would you do the colour wheel first?) I am in Ontario so we don't use common core, but wondering how you would order these throughout the year as the order you have for common core doesn't seem to include a lot of your great lessons!