Monday, April 8, 2013

Kindergarten: Four Seasons Project

A week or two back, I posted about one of the projects two of my kinder classes were working on: four seasons trees.  Both classes finished these before the spring break, so here are the results!  This project was great because it incorporated a lot of different things: printmaking, painting with tempera, reviewing how to paint a realistic tree, reviewing the four seasons, talking about Monet and his cathedral paintings, AND it correlates with the Core Knowledge listening strands for kindergarten (plants and seasons & weather).  That's a lot of birds with one stone!

All things considering, they did an okay job gluing their trees in a somewhat neat frame.  A few had to start over because they wanted to glue the trees right onto the four corners of the black paper.  We also had to "break the rules" of gluing for these.  Since the papers were curled from being painted on, I had them put a line of glue around the entire paper.  We then practiced looking at the clock and following the second hand all the way around one revolution while holding down one tree at a time.

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