Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mondrian Inspiration...

This morning a colleague sent me this link on my Facebook: "Modern Art Desserts: How to Bake Mondrian in Your Oven."  Upon reading the link, I found myself at the actual website for this "art" and I was inspired!

MAD invitation SFMOMA
The Blue Bottle Cafe creates and sells these awesome recreations of famous artworks that are shown in the San Francisco MOMA.  The desserts are constantly changing based on the current artworks.  If you go to the website, you can check out the story behind the Cafe, as well as the awesome desserts they serve!

Now, the person who sent me this link is an aide that comes with the 12:1:1 class that I teach, comprised of Kindergarten to third graders.  There are a variety of students in the class...students with Down Syndrome, social disorders, extreme Autism, among a few other learning disabilities.  Lately, the aide and I have been discussing the kinds of projects students could do in art class that they could carry out at home instead of video games.  It seems during discussion and interaction in their regular classroom, most of the students only talk about their video games.  

I decided that we could try a sewing unit.  Next class we'll start off by doing some basket weaving using some leftovers from a Roylco Basket Weaving Kit I purchased for the Extended Day program.  Depending on how things go, we'll move onto sewing on burlap with yarn and buttons.

After that (and hopefully after all of my food aversions and morning sickness are over), I want to do a Mondrian inspired cake with the students!  Over the summer, I made a rainbow cake with the Extended Day program, so I'm thinking that this probably won't be too difficult.  It will be good for the students to learn how to read a recipe (we'll probably use 2-3 boxed cakes) and to learn a little about baking as well!

Since there are two aides that come with the class, I think we may split the 9 students that come into three groups and each of the adults will work with each group to bake a cake.  We mix three batters and then split the batter into four portions.  One will remain white, and the other two will be dyed red, yellow and blue.  I'll bake them in 9" square pans (or loaf pans, I'm undecided) and then the next class, we will frost them together (I think that I will cut them up into squares and rectangles beforehand, of course).  

Hopefully we'll have enough cake made to make little individual cakes so that each student can actually take their cake home with them!  

Gosh, I'm really excited about this idea...I can't wait to get through the next two lessons and onto the baking aspect!

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