Our Completed Murals!

Coming soon!  An extension to our Let's Get Moving mural!
Days 1 & 2: Painting the background

March 2013, Starry Night Bottle Cap Mural, K-6 Collaboration
Acrylic on two 4'x4' pieces of plywood, caps glued on with window and door caulking.
Hung with 8 screws.

February 2013, Underwater Mural, Nurse's Office, Art Club (5th and 6th graders)
Mural Acrylic Paint

December 2012, Backdrop for K-4 Christmas Program, Art Club (5th and 6th graders)
Tempera on white butcher paper

August 2012, Floor Mural, Private lesson student (4th grader and her 2nd grade sister, & her mom!)
Outdoor House Paint on plywood floor with primer

August 2012, Let's Get Moving! mural across from Elementary Gym, Extended Day Summer Program, 4th-7th graders
Mural Acrylic Paint

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