Sunday, August 19, 2012

Floor mural is done!

Today was the final day for working on the floor mural in my student's play house!  It looks AMAZING!  I'm really jealous that I didn't have a play house like this when I was younger!  There was a little more I would have liked to have done to this, but after approximately 15 hours of working on it, I think the kids were petered out, and so were the adults!  For the entire mural, we had two adults (myself and her mom included), and four different kids (2 fourth graders, 1 fifth grader and 1 2nd grader) work on the mural at any given time.  Check it out!

Painting the koi fish.  

Painting turtles!

Adding daisy flowers in the grass...

All finished!  Our stream!

Close up of the turtles...I love the little one!

Our koi pond...wanted to add lily pads but everyone tired out!

The end of the cobblestone path.

The whole cobblestone path!


  1. Wow, this is a seriously wonderful thing! Your students must be so proud - Great work!!

  2. This is awesome! Where is this playhouse? on the playground?

    1.'s actually a playhouse that my student's dad built them in their back yard. I give one of the 4th grade students private art lessons about twice a month and her mother asked if over the summer, instead of doing lessons, I would come to their house and help them paint the floor in their playhouse!

    2. Lucky kids! Their imaginations will soar in there! :)

  3. That is so great! I am a mural artist so I can definitely appreciate this!

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