Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pinterest Project and Floor Mural Painting!

Well, this weekend my brother and his girlfriend came to visit so we decided to get busy and do a Pinterest project!  Project of choice?  The painted tiered planters!

My painted pots...we went for the polka dot theme.  We spray painted the pots and then painted the dots on with white acrylic.  After putting a clear coat on, I added ribbon embellishments to the middle pot.

Her planter on the right, mine on the left!  We didn't really feel like going out and buying any plants to plant in these so instead we went and picked the hens and chicks off the big rock that separates my driveway!  They'll do until next year!

Today I also worked on the floor mural with my private lesson student.  Today we accomplished painting the grout and rocks for the cobblestone path.  We also did a base coat for the rocks along the stream, koi fish in the pond, and two turtles!  I think two more days of work and we'll be done!

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