Monday, August 27, 2012

One week left!!!

Only one more week till school starts for me and I'm going out of my mind with boredom!  I can't wait to start school and have art projects to share!  I spent about seven hours in my room today, organizing my paint, putting the rest of my requisitions away, finishing bulletin boards, and laminating things for later use.  I wish I could relax, but I'm excited to start this school year.  Even though it may be more stressful with the new Common Core and A.P.P.R. stuff, these changes are forcing me to look at what I've been doing the past two years with different eyes and I'm liking the changes I am making!  Thanks to Pinterest and all the other art blogs out there for inspiring new ideas and letting me borrow some too!

I think the only thing I have left to work on until school starts are little art games for when I have students finish early.  (Paint chip games, sorting games, matching games, etc.)

My sink area...I taped various brush posters around the sinks.  Not sure they will last long, especially the one taped on the counter, but we'll see!  I also decided to move my dish rack from the back counter where my taller sink is to the shorter sinks.  Students always stacked the cleaned, wet paint palettes on the counters instead of walking around to put them in the rack.

My Artist of the Week bulletin board!  I used some cool tie-dyed duct tape to hang the black paper so I wouldn't have to lose any of my bulletin board space to hang artwork.  I also wrote each homeroom teacher's name and grade along the bottom of each paint can so everyone knows which class the artists come from!

Finished my classroom management chalkboard...I created six jobs to rotate the tables through.  I also printed off three of each chore because when we use clay, for example, no one is allowed to touch another's clay piece and EVERYONE has to help wash and dry tables.  This way, I can assign 3 tables to wash and 3 tables to dry.  (I attached these to my board using Velcro with a sticky back.)  I also added the art noise meter I found floating around on Pinterest and the "Show Me the Mona Lisa" poster with my Garfield parody!


  1. Everything looks great! I go back next week also. I just thought about everything I need to get done in my house before school starts and I am getting a headache thinking about it! Enjoy your last week! I am going to try and enjoy mine! :)

  2. I like how you used pictures with the jobs. Good visual aide!

  3. Little do you know how much this has inspired me to organize my classroom!