Monday, August 13, 2012

My Classroom!

Wow!  Big shout out to Phyl from There's a Dragon in My Artroom!  Thanks for posting about my blog!  I'm up to 356 views and I finally have some followers!

They've finally finished cleaning my classroom so I was able to go in and work today for about four hours.  It feels like I didn't really get a whole lot accomplished, but I did!  I reorganized my bins and boxes on the windowsills, moved around some furniture to where I wanted it, and covered my bulletin board for my word wall.
My currently cluttered desk and the back corner of my classroom where the sinks, kilns and clay area are.

Better look at the clay corner (pottery wheels and clay bins), my sinks and such.

This is to the right of my desk when you walk into my room.  Chalkboard has storage behind it.

Then the excitement began when my requisitions were delivered!  Can anyone say Christmas?????  Unfortunately I left my order forms at home so I didn't really dive into unloading my boxes, but it was past lunch time anyways!

More pictures to come once I finally start hanging all of my rules and art signs!


  1. I unpacked one room last week and have another to unpack this week. I have a couple of more posters to finish for the one school which I will try to do tomorrow. When I started blogging last Jan. I found that the more I commented on other blogs the more people started to come looking. Found a lot through Pinterest also. Happy Blogging! :)