2012 Art Show

Our theme for the 2012 Art Show was "Art From Around the World".  Once again, my art club members ran the show by giving tours, selling our boondoggle key chains and bracelets, doing face painting, caricatures and running a Chinese Auction for our glass jewelry!

 Right:  One of our cavemen inside our cave!

Japanese Art:  1st Grade Koi, Kindergarten Gyotaku Prints, 2nd Grade Sumi-e, & 1st Grade Cherry Blossom Trees

Boondoggle Sale!

 Caricatures & Facepainting

High School Projects

Native American Art:  5th Grade Rainsticks, 2nd Grade Dream Catchers, Kindergarten Indian Corn

Ancient Egypt:  6th Grade Tut Death Masks, 5th Grade Egyptian Portraits

Mexican Day of the Dead Art:  3rd Grade Skeleton Collages, 5th Grade Paper Flowers

High School Art

African Art:  1st Grade African Masks, 1st Grade Abstract Circle Trees, 2nd Grade Tree of Life, and High School masks

Aboriginal Art:  5th Grade Rainsticks and 3rd Grade Dog Paintings

Indian/Mehndi Art:  3rd Grade Line Drawings, 4th Grade Henna Hands

Greek Art:  6th Grade Clay Columns and Temple Drawings, 3rd Grade Pottery Drawings

Chinese Art:  2nd Grade Porcelain Vases, 2nd Grade Dragon Kites, 4th Grade Scrolls

And our other caveman!!!

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