2nd Grade Art Lessons

2nd Grade Art Lessons

2013-2014 Art Projects (in curriculum order):
1. NYS Listening & Learning Strand #1: Fairy Tales: Beast's Castle Art Project
2. NYS Listening & Learning Strand #2: Early Asian Civilizations:  Imperial China Still Life
3. NYS Listening & learning Strand #3: Ancient Greek Civilizations: Mosaics
4. NYS Listening & Learning Strand #4: Greek Mythology: Greek Scratch Art Pottery
5. Pinch Pots Coming soon!

All 2nd Grade Art Projects (ABC order):

Beast's Castle (includes rubric)


  1. Hello...first of all I have to say a big THANK YOU for creating this blog, it has so many great ideas. I am the parent of a second grader in a district where there are NO art teachers. Thus, the district has set up an Art Docent program where parents volunteer to be the art teachers. This will be my first year volunteering as an Art Docent. I love art and I am really excited to be involved with my son's class. However, I work full-time and am a little anxious about providing a quality program for his class. Our state has just implemented the Common Core Standards and so we are tasked with incorporating them into our lessons. I am struggling with making decisions for the first unit. Any suggestions on which concepts to begin with to build the first unit around? I am really nervous about my very first lesson, which is Thursday. I need help in deciding on a good, simple introductory lesson. I was considering doing something with the color wheel using watercolors. Just to give them a chance to play with the paint and become familiar with the idea of color. If you have any good activities, discussion prompts, etc. for this that would be AWESOME. Or if you've got suggestions for a different first lesson, I would welcome them!

    1. Wow, that really stinks not having an art teacher! What state are you in? I think it's GREAT that parents are stepping up to teach art to their students! With second grade, I would probably start out with simple color theory, like you said. You could do a color mixing project (maybe a cookie color wheel where they have to frost cookies? I've done that with 5th grade but it could definitely be done with 2nd graders)...Making sure they all know how to read and write those colors words is important too. I know I have 2nd graders in my district that struggle with simple colors words still. You could also incorporate line and shape into those lessons. I really like using Mondrian at any grade level for talking about the primary colors, and vertical vs. horizontal lines. You could then do a secondary Mondrian inspired painting that uses secondary colors and diagonal lines (make it an opposites project). Mondrian could be done with paint, collage, coloring, etc.

  2. I am so glad that you have this blog! I am a new 2nd grade teacher (I'm used to teaching 3rd grade for many years) and this was so helpful for different art activities that I've been looking for. I also loved how you've posted the activities for different grade levels, too! Keep up your good work!