Studio Art Lessons

This page will be dedicated to holding links to any and all Studio Art projects I do with my high school students.  I have worked with high school students during my student teaching and various internships, but that was back in 2008!  The 2013-2014 school year will be my first, full-on high school teaching adventure!  The Studio Art classes in my district are primarily 9th graders, with a few upper class men sprinkled in if they need the art credit...Stay tuned!

               Unit 1:  What is Art?
                        Unit Overview (Includes example note pages, project & project rubric.)
                        Elements of Art Infographic Project
                        Completed Infographics & Sketchbook Assignment #1

               Unit 2: 2-D Media
                        Unit Overview (Includes example note pages.)
                        Shadow Men Drawing (includes rubric)
                        Wrapped Food Item Drawing
                        Cubist Superheroes (Objectives, project checklist and sneak peek at project)
                        Cubist Superhero Painting Progress
                        Finished Cubist Superhero Paintings
                        Pop Art Reduction Prints

                Unit 3: 3-D Media
                        Wire Sculptures
                        George Segal Inspired Tape Sculptures

                Unit 4:  Ceramics  
                         Slump/Hump Mold Slab Project
                         Finished Slump/Hump Mold Slab Projects
                         Pinch Pot Sphere Challenge
                         Non-Objective Carved Sphere
                         Coil Pots with Movement

                Unit 5:  Zentangles
                         Zentangled Masters

                Review Projects:
                         Value Word Drawings
                         Masters Paintings: 3-D Sculpture & Painting Coming soon!

Common Core/APPR:
Observational Drawing Rubric for SLOs


  1. Hi : Thank you for your post regarding visual basic, I try and working fine.. Thanks

  2. I loved the graphic organizers for the elements of art! I even had my Art 1 students do it for the Principles of Design, too-spending a day on each one. I used to do it all in one period and the students would be so involved in taking notes, I didn't really think they realized what we covered-and when they were tested on it a few weeks later, they didn't do so great. These make it easy for them to see and to think about what they learned and I hope to see better results on the quizzes!