Saturday, October 26, 2013

Studio Art: Cubist Superheroes!

I am SOOOOO excited to share these paintings!  My Studio students did an AMAZING job on these and I'm so happy with them!  Everyone really tried their hardest, and even if they didn't necessarily do a full cubist representation of their superhero, they definitely put a lot of time and effort into these paintings!

I have shared this project on the SmARTteacher website so you can head over there to find the note page I used for Picasso, the rubric and objectives for these paintings, and my powerpoint that I created and used (though it is in PDF format because it's so large I couldn't upload it to the website).  I also shared some progress photos in an earlier post...

But without further are the finished paintings students have handed in!  Once the rest finish, I'll share those as well in a future post!  Students have spent a total of 10 days on these, from start to finish.  We spent one day discussing Picasso, a day drawing out our superheroes, 1-2 days adding acrylic modeling medium / acrylic coarse pumice medium to create texture on our canvases, 2-3 days painting backgrounds, and 3-4 days painting the superhero itself.

Again, here are what the project guidelines were:
Project Guidelines: 
☐ You must choose a superhero or villain to depict in the cubist style. 
☐ Your painting must depict the subject from at least the waist up. 
☐ The subject needs to take up at least ¾ of your canvas. 
☐ You must use full color and value in your painting. 
☐ You must show knowledge of the cubist style: 
~ Multiple view points 
~ Use of geometric shapes 
☐ You must unify your background with the subject.

I will say that this project was a struggle for some students...the students who like everything to be perfect!  It's ironic...a lot of them were complaining that doing the observational drawings were hard...I figured the cubist paintings would be easier because (a) I let them draw from a picture and (b) they were supposed to break their figures down into geometric shapes... Now, I know the cubism style wouldn't necessarily be easier (it's usually harder to do something simple so well) but I figured they'd be more apt and able to be able to simplify their characters...either way, I still think they did a great job fulfilling the guidelines of the project!

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