Friday, October 25, 2013

Art 7: Initial Tags and Progress of Sketchbook Tags

Woohoo!  Check out what I finally got for my classroom!  My computers!  Just in time too because we're starting our next unit in my elective class, which is based on Ben Heine's Pencil vs. Camera series.

Here are the Art 7 student's initial tag designs and the rubric I used to grade them.  I saw a really great display on the Art Teacher Facebook page a while back where the teacher created a fake brick wall to attach the tags too.  Originally I thought I would have them tag their portfolio and their sketchbook, but after I saw that post on Facebook, I changed my mind.  I made a similar brick wall and had the students do their tag first on paper, cut it out and place it on the wall.  Students used markers, colored pencils and the Crayola Marker Airbrush pumps I purchased last year from Nasco with grant money.  (Unfortunately, between the constant use and students not taking care of them very well during this project, I think I am down two out of six air brush pumps...not sure if it's really because the students were rough on them or if it's the quality of the pumps themselves...)

I passed back the graded rubrics and asked students to reflect on their tags.  Their last homework assignment was to finalize and redraw their tags using my feedback from their rubric.  For example, some students used their first name and didn't brainstorm an actual tag nickname...others only used letter text and did not have any flourishes, symbols or arrows.  Here are the final sketchbook tags in progress (these are aiming to be more of a "piece" than just a tag) as well as the rubric I will be using to grade them...students have spent two days so far and as of today, I have four that are finished...they will all get one more day and then the unit test for graffiti.  Then we'll FINALLY be able to move onto the next unit, which will be perspective!

Just wanted to share my bulletin board display of fall artwork...I decided to display the fall birch trees and pastel pumpkin patch drawings together!

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