Thursday, October 24, 2013

3rd Grade: Fall Birch Trees

The next finished elementary project is another oldie but a goodie...the fall birch trees in 3rd grade.  I also happened to have my first observation this year during this lesson and it went swimmingly well! As with the 1st grade pumpkin patch drawings, I've blogged about this project before, so I won't get into too much detail about how we did them.  I will say, however, that instead of using pan watercolor paint (or liquid watercolor), we used watercolor pencils this year, which was a first for me.  Watercolor pencils was a new thing I added to my requisitions this year and the kids loved using them!

Basically, we taped off our birch trees, drew in our horizon lines, added details, colored with the watercolor pencils, painted over with water, ripped the tape off, scraped the birch tree lines and then dabbed the fall leaves...phew!

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  1. These are gorgeous! I love them with the Fall leaves! :)