Thursday, May 1, 2014

Studio Art: Value Practice

This project was purely taken from the following pin on Pinterest.  Mrs. Hahn over at Mini Matisse did this with her 8th graders and I stole the idea for my Studio students!  Since part of my SLO at the end of the year is an observational drawing project, I figured this was a perfect mid-year review of value and observational drawing, as well as an easy thing to start with the students and then leave for them to finish with my substitute.

While students were finishing up their coil pot projects, they had some free time, so they started this.  They had to create a word with at least five letters.  It had to be 3-D on a piece of computer paper using paper strips and tape.  They then had to draw it on a piece of drawing paper, doing their best to use value to make 
it look like it "pops" off the paper.

This particular student is very gifted at the arts.  She always does fabulous work and I often find it difficult to challenge her.  On the plus side, she has said that a few things I have thrown at her have been difficult mainly because of the style I have asked the project to be completed in...such as the cubist superheroes.  

This student spelled his word wrong and didn't realize it until after it was all glued down...he just reordered the letters in his drawing instead of starting over.

The "Selfie" one was kind of creative when it came to the word and the added little icon she made.

I graded these on the observational drawing rubric that I use to grade their pre- and post-assessment drawings.  The rubric can be found here.

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  1. Whoo Hoo!! I'm glad to see you using this project in your classroom. These are GREAT!!

    Nic Hahn,