Friday, August 31, 2012

Paint Chips!

Today we stopped at Walmart briefly for some white spray paint so I could finish painting what bottles I left to finish for still life drawing. I guess you could say I went a little paint chip crazy!!! I plan on creating activites with these for early finishers...Does anyone have any creative ideas for using these? I've found quite a bit on pinterest but they just don't seem to jive with how I run my classroom...I'm thinking about turning the single color ones into a memory game as I got two of each color...put a painting on one and the artist name and title on the matching color...then when they match them, they can tell they got it right by the color behind each answer...

For the longer ones, I'm thinking about cutting them up and creating a set of game instructions for ordering them from darkest to lightest, tints versus shades, rainbow order, etc.

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