Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Self-Portrait Assessments

Well, after two days of working on these, I think I'm ready to share the self-portrait rubrics for K-6.  I started with Kindergarten and 6th grade, and then worked my way up/down to make sure each rubric was slightly different based on what each grade covers throughout the year.  I tried to make they were vague enough that I won't have to change them based on if I slightly change the self-portrait project from year to year.  (For example if I have them do a shoulder-up portrait in 6th grade for one year and the next I decide to have them do a full body self-portrait.)  I'm pretty happy with them right now, may need to go in and change some wording, but they otherwise have all the information on them that I want.  Did I leave anything out of these???


  1. I have found your rubric really good but hard to read when printed. Any chance we (2x Junior school teachers) could have a copy via email in a word document or PDF for printing and using?

    1. Sure! Send me your e-mails and I will e-mail them to you...just let me know which ones you want! Shoot me an e-mail at and I'll get back to you with them!

  2. I am an art teacher and would like to use your 6th grade self portrait rubric. Could I get it from you? My email is

  3. Hi I'm a new art teacher and stumbled upon your portrait rubrics and they are perfect for a small project I had each grade level complete. I was wondering if you could email me the word or PDF files for printing

  4. Could you please send me the files as well?

  5. I am also interested. Great job and thanks for sharing!!!