Thursday, August 23, 2012

When it rains, it pours!

I guess that old saying is true...and right now it's storming!  All of my school work has been put on hold for the last few days because of that darn vertigo!  I finally went to a doctor and was diagnosed with tension headaches (probably from staring at a computer screen all summer!) and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.  So far, the meds aren't working very well so I have to go to physical therapy tomorrow to learn some exercises to try and straighten out my inner ear!

Then, today I had to take one of my kitties to the vet.  About three weeks ago he had an infection on his left front paw that we had to treat with antibiotics and a foot soak (which went over REAL well with a cat...).  Well, it has spread to his right front paw now, and they think he might have an auto-immune issue.  Luckily, he can't infect any of my other animals or people with it, but unluckily, he has to go into the vet on Monday to have a biopsy done so we can figure out how to treat it!  I won't even get into the amount of work our car needs in order to pass inspection by the end of the!  Teacher pay really stinks at the end of summer when funds have funds have run dry...

So anyways, enough venting.  Here are a few things I was able to work on the last few days.  I made a procedures checklist for the first week of school to make sure I don't forget anything with the kids!  With the younger kids, I will probably teach these to them over the course of 2-3 class periods since it's so much.  The older kids will be able to handle all of this information on the first day.  The only thing I'm changing drastically are clean-up procedures.
The only things I need to finish making for my classroom are the tattle monster (tissue box monster via Pinterest! and the Noise Meter.)

I also made two posters, one for line and one for shape:
This covers geometric and organic shapes, small and large shapes, etc.

This covers, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, thin, thick, dotted, curvy, zig zag, etc.


  1. I love your check off list and posters! It will take me a few classes to go over all the procedures too! Your right it's too much for one class with young kids. I'll give the most important on the first day and hit the rest as we go and need them. My mom has had vertigo all of her adult life so I know what you are going through! She has meds for attacks too and sometimes they help and sometimes they don't! It really sucks! I hope you are feeling better soon! And what is it with August? Every major problem pops up just before we have to go back to school and are trying to get ready! I had my car in the garage last week for repairs( it's a 2001 and I can't afford a car loan in my budget so I just keep fixing whatever comes up) My son is starting college he's going the county route to start(less $) and his tuition had to be paid, books had to be bought( I remember they were expensive when I went to school but I almost passed out when I saw the price of his history book! $202.00!!! He was smart and rented it, so much cheaper! ...Yeah,now you can rent them!) I still have to pay the oil bill, car insurance, my 2 cats need their check ups and shots, the kitchen sink faucet needs to be fixed and random other regular bills!!! So feel comfort in the fact that you are not alone in your feeling $$ stress also! :)

    1. Thank goodness I thought it was just me! I went to physical therapy today and was AMAZED at how I feel now! It boggles my mind what few maneuvers with your body in about five minutes can do! The therapist asked how I felt after she sat me up and I had goosebumps at how quickly the fuzziness and dizziness went away! I am going to go back next Friday (unless the dizziness comes back) to learn some exercises I can do at home if I ever feel the onset of the vertigo again....amazing!

      I feel like my house will be paid off before my school loans are! I know I paid $300 for one of my art history books in college...I tend to be one of those anal people who likes to buy things new if I'm going to keep them, so I had to pay the big bucks. The good news is that I still have the book, I still reference it, and I did have to use it for more than one course at college. Definitely rent them, at least the books you need for your elective classes that aren't for your major!

      I had to fill our fuel tank too during summer because I knew we wouldn't have any money by September to do so. That was almost $1000 there too! After this episode with my kitty Geronimo, my one dog and both cats will have to go back in October for their yearly check-up and adult shots....phew!

  2. Hi Mrs. Impey,

    I totally adore your geometric/organic shape poster. I confess, I stole your idea and found it so immensely useful in teaching a recent lesson. I even referenced its coolness on my blog. Thank you so much for the inspiration