Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cranking away...

I've been cranking away at my 6th grade curriculum and I'm almost finished!!!!  I have revamped my power points and created the unit packets for Asian, Mexican, Aboriginal and Prehistoric I will do Native American art and I will finally be finished with my 6th grade curriculum!

I feel like my eye balls are going to pop out of my head!  I think it's time for me to start working on some visual rubrics and art project examples!  My fingers are itching to do art.  Plus, I went on a major pinning spree this morning on Pinterest and found some great painting ideas I want to try!!!!

I found this really neat interactive website for Aboriginal Dreamtime stories called Dust Echoes.  It has the stories in video format for the students to watch on their own and then answer various questions to see if they understood the story.  It also has the story in print-out form if you want to read it to students.  Love it!

 The Mexican packet also includes a Venn diagram to compare the Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead to the tradition of Halloween.  Students will have to read a short article about Halloween on their own and fill out the diagram on their own before we review it...hello common core!


  1. Hmm where did my comment go? The iPad did some autocorrect ing that was incorrect, so if my prior comment actually shows up, please try to guess what the last sentence was SUPPOSED to say! I can't see it any more to correct it.

    By the way, love the paint cans! Hope my other comment is floating about and will arrive if I check back later.

  2. Thank you for the worksheets! I am doing a Day of the Dead project and I like the idea of having them read an article about Halloween to compare! Thanks for sharing your ideas!