Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Busy weekend! Now onto work...

Whew!  What a busy weekend!  Saturday and Sunday my husband and I fished in the local fishing derby with our friends and their two-year old son.  We even had a taste of having a kid when he spent the night with us Saturday!

Then Monday, I FINALLY finished painting my master bathroom!!!  It took me all week!  It's been so hot and humid that I had to paint in spurts...the sweat just started pouring off me after 10 minutes of painting!  Either way, our bathroom renovation is finally underway...It used to be a light grayish-brown color...essentially the same color as the cupboards are currently painted.  I swear, the people who lived in this house before we bought it had the weirdest color tastes!
Our next step is to paint the cupboards, buy a new sink and counter top, and update the vanity and light fixture.  I'm also going to tile in those really cool alcohol ink tiles I've seen on Pinterest for a back splash instead of the molding!  You can see three of them set up on the molding that I've started to play around with.  

Currently, my room at school is being cleaned, so it will probably be a week before my supplies are delivered to my room and I can organize everything for the new year.  Is it weird that my favorite part of summer is receiving my supplies and organizing them???  I LOVE organizing stuff!

As of right now at home, I'm just working on my 6th grade curriculum.  I've decided that for each cultural unit, student will work out of a note packet.  The note packets will include fill-in-the-blanks from the power points I use, planning pages for project planning, vocab definitions, and reflection pages where students will have to answer various questions about their projects upon completion (hello common core!).  I did this last year with my Greek unit and it really seemed to help students learn and use the vocabulary more during the project.  Here are some examples of what I've included into my packets below:

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