Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Primary Playgrounds: A Review in Shape and Primary Colors!

I saw this project on Pinterest (the link on Pinterest takes you to the K-8 Art blog...) so I used it and altered it to my students.  I did this for my Kindergarteners as an "in-between" filler projects between units.  Two of my three classes have done this project, and the other will be doing it this week while the other two classes catch up.

The teacher at K-8 Art described giving each table a tray of pre-cut shapes, however since I've been working on shapes since the beginning of the year, I simply gave each student a 4"x6" piece of  red, yellow and blue construction paper.  This was a great review of the primary colors, as well as shapes.  

Before beginning, I showed students the three colors and asked what they knew or remembered about them.  I'd say a good 2/3 of the class remembered they were called the primary colors, which is promising!  I then showed them the examples from the K-8 Art blog and then reviewed with students the shapes that were used to build the playgrounds.

We took one day to cut and glue (with glue sticks) the playground together, and then another day to color the background (which was another good review for craftsmanship, details and a horizon line!).  Since my pre- and post-assessment in Kindergarten for APPR deals with cutting and gluing shapes, this is an excellent review for the middle of the year!  (Disclaimer:  My rubric from the Kindergarten assessments has since changed from my original plan...too much to grade in those, and unusable since the requirement was put in place that someone else must grade your student's post-assessments.)  I actually think that I might inocorporate this next year for my pre- and post-assessment instead of the worksheet to make it more of an artistic assessment!


  1. love their primary shapes project and the rubric

  2. These are so adorable! Kindergarten was always such a challenge for me.

    1. I find kindergarten to be challenging because their motor skills aren't always able to handle the more advanced media. I usually stick to tempera, watercolor, drawing and collage with kindergarten, so I'm always looking for new collage ideas!

      Kindergarten used to be one of my least favorite grade levels and 6th used to be my favorite (I had always envisioned being a high school art teacher) but after three years now at the elementary level, I dont know if I could ever leave the young ones!