Friday, February 22, 2013

Free Stuff! Check out iPevo!

Have you heard of iPevo??  If not, head over to their website now!  If you are trying to integrate technology, specifically the iPad, into your classroom, this is the site for you.  They give away free products to teachers in need!  Click on the Wishpool link and there you can make an account and sign up for the free giveaway for the month. 

I can't really remember specifically where I saw the information for this was from another art teacher blog...but I found it, visited it, signed up and a week later, I was notified of a shipment from iPevo!  I received a FREE iPevo Typi Folio Case and Wireless Keyboard ($55 value!) and an iPevo Point 2 View Document Camera (a $69 value!).  At this point, I didn't even have an iPad yet!  

What you do is tell iPevo why you want/need their free gift, and how you will use it.  Each month they give away two different items.  In my write-up, I mentioned how I was trying to get my district to purchase me an iPad for my room, and I thought that if I could show them I was working on getting the technology to integrate it into my classroom for whole class use, they might buy me an iPad sooner rather than later.  And voila!  My wish was granted by Wishpool and my district gave me an iPad to set-up from a grant!

A few days later, I tested out the document camera when I gave my demonstration to the 5th graders on how to paint the backgrounds of their monochromatic VanGogh paintings.  The only thing I need to do is bring in a table top lamp to better get light into the camera when using it with the lights off, but it does the trick!  Much easier than trying to have the kids all cram around me to see the demonstration!

All iPevo asks you to do is send them photographs and your story as to how you are using their product after you receive it!  That's on my to-do list!

Now all I need to do is get the cord I need to connect my iPad to the Smartboard so that it can actually be controlled by touching the Smartboard and I'll be all set!

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