Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Greek Pottery Scratch Art

A majority of my 6th graders finished their scratch art pottery today.  I think I only have 3 left.  Right now I am only doing Greek with one 6th grade class; the other is doing Asian art (and will hopefully be finished tomorrow with their projects).
The one thing I noticed is that the scratch boards that had the red paint didn't turn out as great as I'd hoped.  They also didn't photograph well (granted, I don't have the best photography set-up yet for photographing artwork...I think that will be a February break project).  If the students didn't scratch their lines very thick, it was difficult to see their pottery drawings.  I added a little bit of black paint to the red to make it a little more natural/pottery looking, but it dried a lot darker than expected.  Next time, less to no black paint mixed with the red scratch board paint!  The black ones, on the other hand, turned out really great.

Since I only had one class do these right now, I'll share all of the finished artwork (which I usually don't do) so you can get a glimpse at the wide range of work I usually get from this class.  Most students focused on the Geometric style pottery.  There are 3 more students who need to finish, one of which is the high achiever for this class.  He's planning on doing a pot with people on it, so it will be exciting to see how it turns out!

Obviously, a bigger pot and a more interesting border would have been better...but this is a lot and actually a great artwork for this particular student.

This one was nice...wish it would have had a better border and some more variety in line width.

This one is actually pretty decent, but it's hard to tell in the photograph...he didn't do that great of a job applying the 2 coats of scratch board paint...could have had a 3rd coat of paint.

I think this one was one of the best!  She spent two full periods on this and did a nice design.

Did a great border, but I wish she would have done more with her pot!


  1. These are great! I love the homemade scratch board. For the photographs, I find mine come out best with no flash (even if it's dark)and then I fix the contrast in Picasa. Even though my set up consists of florescent lighting and a table, it produces pretty good photos.

    1. I actually didn't even have the flash on when taking these. What is Picasa? Is it free?