Saturday, February 2, 2013

Check it out!

Check it out!  I've FINALLY posted the photos from my 2011 art show, which was from my first year of teaching.  I've posted most of the artwork and the bowling pins that we auctioned off to raise money for art club that year!  (You can also check out last year's art show as well...the links to the pages are on the top right of my blog!)
My Keith Haring bowling pin...


  1. This is great. What type of paint did you use?

    1. When we painted the bowling pins, we primed them first with gesso, and then used acrylic paint. I used my own personal acrylic paint at home to paint my bowling pin, which is the Galleria acrylic paint, but the kids at school used the Chromachryl acrylic. I did spray them with a gloss fixative as well.