Thursday, February 28, 2013

Staff Practice Portraits

Whew!  Sorry about the lack of posts the last few days!  I've been running around like a mad woman trying to get our taxes done, get my last minute YAM preparations finished, and so on and so forth!

My 4th graders are finishing up their staff practice portraits, so I thought I'd share a few with you.  I've seen variations of these on Pinterest, and that is where I originally got the idea.  This was also going to be the final project for the portrait unit, but when I saw how well the students did with their self-portraits, I decided to make this practice for the final portrait.

 I decided to give the students the option of doing the final portrait in black and white or in colored pencil, so on the practice drawings, I asked them to draw and add value in pencil first, and then use colored pencil as well.  Some of these drawings are a little rough, but I actually think that this was harder for them than drawing the full portrait will actually be.

They are really excited to do the full portrait, but I will be taking a break from the portraits (to give a breather and regroup for those who are starting to get bored by it) to do some of the YAM activities I have planned.  Not sure if it will be a good break or a bad break from the project...some of them seem to be getting "lazy" and forgetful when it comes to adding value to their portraits.  We may have to come back around and do a value review project after this.

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