Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Art Shows: How do you decide which art to send?

Thank you Ruth for introducing me to Picasa!  I'm not really sure how I missed the boat on that one, but I'm in love!  Finally figured out an easy way to edit my photos quickly, as well as add my blog in text on top of the photo!

Alrighty, this post is about sending student artwork to art shows.  How do you decide which art to send?  Do you base it off of skill, student improvement, student in need of praise...???  I finished the process of picking out four elementary student artworks to send to the 30th Annual Elementary Art Exhibit at the Frederick Remington Art Museum.

For anyone who doesn't know, the American artist Frederick Remington originated from Canton, NY.  He is most famous for his artwork of cowboys, soldiers and Native Americans from the Old West.  I honestly don't know much about Remington and I feel I should brush up on him since I live a short distance from where he worked (I'm not into the "Wild West", nor is his painting style my favorite to study).  Anyways, the art museum owns a variety of his works (not necessarily his most popular or well-known ones) and I believe one of the buildings is his actual house.

This art show does not have any awards for having the best artwork.  It is merely a show for local schools to send their artwork to for recognition and to show the public what we are doing in art.  This is how I tend to choose artwork to go to this particular show:  I like to choose two artworks that are excellent in skill and craftsmanship and two artworks from students who have shown improvement or don't usually receive positive praise in school or at home for that matter.  If it was a show where there was an actual prize to be won, I would probably be a little more selective, however if it came down to two or three artworks and I couldn't choose, I would pick the student who is less recognized to go to the show.

1st Grade Dinosaur World crayon drawing with Sharpie marker

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  1. No prob! I'm glad it's working out!
    This is a tough question though... I tend to avoid art competitions for this reason, but that's not a very good reason to keep the students from being recognized!

    I like the way you handle it, There's got to be a baseline of technical proficiency, but after that, most creative, innovative, motor skilled? I like that you spread it out & recognize a variety of learners.