Friday, February 8, 2013

iPad in the Classroom!

I am sooooo excited to say that I now have an iPad to use in my room! Well, it's not just mine but I'll explain that. I found a website called iPevo... Anyone heard of that site? ( It's is an ipad technology company that will give away free products to teachers who need them. You go to the wish pool section, make an account and explain why you want that month's free giveaways. If you are selected, they will send you that month's free products, and they do give away multiple prizes.

Last month I tried it out. At that point I didn't have an iPad yet, but my goal was to show my district that I could find the technology I would need to incorporate the iPad in the art room, and then maybe then they would be willing to get me one.

As it turns out, my principal has three of them to use in the school as part of a grant to see how teachers are using this technology in the classroom. Yesterday I received a free iPad case with wireless keyboard and an iPevo document camera from the wish pool. When I showed my administrator, she decided to put me in charge of setting up the iPads for classroom use. In other words...I get to download whatever apps I want to use!

I spent a good portion of last night downloading art apps, now I just need to go through them to see which are good and which are duds. Do you have any apps that you use and can't live without in your classroom? I'll take suggestions for art related and other educational apps as well.

Just to continue my common core blogging...there is a great free app called Common Core by Mastery Connect and it has all of the common core standards for math and ELA for all grades. It's a very easy way to read them and sort through them without having to search the web or print off huge amounts of paper!

Oh yes, and we did have a snow day due to the big snow storm! It doesn't seem that bad right now, but we have that light, fluffy, slippery snow out there right now and just about every school in the north country cancelled. I just hope it clears up for tomorrow...I'm supposed to go to a NYSATA workshop in Syracuse to swap common core art lessons!


  1. What the heck are you doing writing a post at 4:47am? Having a snow day should mean sleeping in!

    1. Yea, not the correct time! The iPad wouldn't sync to the correct time zone! I got it figured out now! Definitely not up that early...though I have been up since 6 when my hubby had to get up and get ready for work.

  2. We just got ipads for classrooms to use this year. there are enough for one class to use at a time and you sign up to use them. I would love to hear about what apps you find and how you are using them! I have no clue about the ipads and one of our teachers has offered to show me how to use and navigate them.

  3. We also are working on getting a class set of iPads in addition to the 11 we already have. Please let me know what you find! In talking with the other specialists in my school, we have talked about how they can be used for quick assessment while circulating the classroom. Video would be nice to have kids quickly explain their thinking and then review later. I looked through some free aps and found "Camille and the Sunflowers," which is a book I typically read to my students about van Gogh.