Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3rd Grade Castles: In Progress

It's taking us almost 3 class periods to get our castles painted completely with class A, so I'm trying something different with class B.  

Here are class A's castles in progress:  (1)First we painted over the shiny cereal box part with gesso.  (2)Then, we used round sponge brushes too dab on some stone texture.  I had the students sponge on some white first, and then before it dried, they sponged on the black over the top.  (3) Finally, we are using a medium, flat brush to paint the brick pattern on.

Even though we reviewed how to make a brick pattern, there were quite a few students who just painted a grid! :-/

I will have class B on Friday this week, so I'll share their castles then.  For class B, I had them paint their castles all black, and then we will sponge on the bricks using a grey tempera paint and rectangular sponges.  I have the feeling that I'll like how both techniques turn out, but when I do this project in the future, I'll choose one technique based on the amount of time I'm willing to spend on this.

This project is definitely taking a lot of time, but they're definitely turning out awesome!  The 3rd grade teachers give me complements on them and can't wait to see them when they're done!

Once we're finished painting we need to add the cone roofs to each tower, and draw some dragons, knights, etc. to cut out and glue on the inside!

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