Monday, February 18, 2013

Burton Morris Pop Art Hearts

This project is a direct steal from We Heart Art!  I saw this project and knew I had to do it.  It was a really great project for me to do with my 2nd graders, as I didn't really have anything planned to do before this February break.  This was also an opportunity for me to learn about an artist I hadn't known about!

On the first day, I showed the students a power point of Burton Morris, and we looked at all of his advertising designs for popular companies...Coca-Cola, Perrier, the Academy Awards, the MLB All-Star Game...the students really responded to his work with comments like, "He really stayed inside the lines!" and "He has great craftsmanship!".  Thus my idea for a Burton Morris unit was born.  I then asked students to do a drawing with the characteristics of Burton Morris in the last 20 minutes of class.

It took us two days to do these collages.  The only thing I did differently from Joannas on We Heart Art is I had my students add those black lines that Burton Morris has in all of his artworks.  This project, like any heart project, was a great way to focus on symmetry and having a balanced composition.  Even though we finished these up on Valentine's Day, I didn't push the students to use pinks and purples for their collage.
This one is my version that I did step-by-step with the students...

I have one more class of Morris collages to add to these, but they are currently on my drying rack at school.  I add them to this post once school starts back up!

For the final project in the Burton Morris unit, students will choose a food item to draw like Burton Morris, and then we will paint the item using good painting craftsmanship.

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  1. wow! These are really nice! The kids did a great job! :)