Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cherry Blossom Branches

Here are some of our finished cherry blossom branches from my Kindergarten cherry blossom unit.  Two of my kinder classes have finished while one more class will finish when we return from February break (a snow day threw off our schedule!). 

This was the first time the kinders painted with watercolor paint in my art room with me and I think they did pretty well!  I really love how the sky turned out behind the the illusion of clouds!  I also the flowers this year...instead of doing just straight pink, crumpled tissue paper, I handed out a variety of Valentine colors and had students create an actual flower using multiple pieces of tissue paper (center a different color than the petals).

I am, however, still a little bit partial to the 1st grade cherry blossom trees I did last year...I'm thinking I'm going to have to mesh these two projects together next year!  (Or, maybe I'll take a break from cherry blossom trees...who knows!?)