Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mural: Day 5

We're almost done! Last Wednesday we didn't work on it because the students were just too high strung, but now we need to get a move on! The nurse comes back after February break!

I went in on one of my free periods to paint the window and finish the ocean plant on the left. All we have left to do is finish the eel and two fish!

I'm not extremely happy with the yellow fish, but at this point I do need to give a little and let the students paint on their own a bit...gotta loosen the reigns some time!

The only other thing on the list to do is to go back in and touch up the blue water in the background...there are some areas that are unpainted and too streaky for my liking!


  1. Trying to figure out how you do this - five of your recent posts are at the top of my dashboard, all saying they were posted one hour ago, but I know I've already seen them all in the past few days. But somehow here they are, ahead of everyone else's posts. Are you editing the dates to make them appear as new posts? Or do you have some other trick up your sleeve? Very curious. Can. You let us in on your trick?

    Big snow coming here on Friday - are you expecting it too?

    Meanwhile, you've ben absolutely a posting maniac lately -don't burn yourself out! How do you find the time?

    1. Hmmm, I don't know...I posted the mural one yesterday, and the three previous posts were started on the 4th, but I didn't publish them until the 5th and the 6th because I had to finish adding photos to them...

      I find the time because I don't have any kids yet and my husband works until 6:30 every night! lol He is a big complainer about me and my "computer addiction" (Facebook games, blogging, etc.) so I try to get it out of my system before he gets home!

  2. Phyl, it's ironic that you mentioned how my posts were showing that I posted them in the same day, even though they had been posted for a when I logged onto Blogger, a lot of the posts by fellow bloggers, including yours, were being shown that they were posted only a few hours ago, even though I know I read them last week! Must be a glitch in the system...

  3. Well, others may find this mural not that gorgeous or stunning, but everyone should really appreciate it! I find it cool that the students were the ones who worked on this project. They really put all their effort and creativity to come up with this one. Great job!

    Clinton Hurlburt