Monday, February 18, 2013

4th Grade Lichtenstein Pop Art Portraits

Here are some of my 4th grade's finished pop art portraits!  (You can see some of the students holding their likeness here...)  I'm pretty happy with these.  For the most part, students took to the Ben-Day dots pretty well.  Only a few of the typical ones rushed through this or drew it out to be longer than it should have been.  I believe these took one of my classes 2 1/2 class periods to finish, and the other 3 class periods to finish. 

Before the February break, we started staff portraits.  Every student had to choose a teacher/faculty member to draw.  First, we are doing black and white drawings of half their faces (taking a photo, cutting it in half and gluing it to drawing paper) so that students can practice the drawing before we do the final copies.  When students draw the final portrait of their faculty member, they will have to do the entire face and they will get to choose if they want to do a purely black and white value drawing or a colored pencil value drawing.

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