Thursday, January 31, 2013

In Progress: 4th Grade Pop-Art Portraits

I just had to share these because they are turning out awesome!  I decided to go with a Ben-Day dot sheet to put underneath the drawings to assist in the dot patterns.  Some of the students were STILL having a hard time seeing the dots through the paper, but I just think they weren't trying hard enough, or they had too many erasers smudges to see through the paper.  Either way, some decided to use the windows and a small light box that I have in my room.  Since they were actually working, I let them be!

I also decided to stay with the Sharpie markers instead of paint and for the most part, I'm liking this class's results!  I gave them such high remarks on their projects.  I told them flat out that portrait drawing is not one of my favorites, but they have me so excited for this project because they are doing so well!  I showed their drawings to the other class of 4th graders, and the kids knew who each drawing was of without me telling them!  Woohoo!  I'm thinking one, maybe two more classes and we'll be done with these and ready to start our portraits of teachers.

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