Sunday, January 13, 2013

Finished Poinsettia Pots!

I can finally say that these are done and graded!  When we glazed them, I pulled out a bunch of red, green, yellow, orange and light brownish glazes that I had that were open to try and make room in my cupboards for new stuff.  I encouraged the kids to layer glazes (and talked to them about waiting till one coat was dry before glazing on top so they don't contaminate them).  A few of them did, a few didn't.

I also asked them to glaze the bottoms, but a few here or there didn't do that either.  You can tell by looking at some of these pictures, which didn't layer glazes, which didn't put enough coats of glaze on, and which didn't necessarily glaze their colors in the appropriate place for a poinsettia, but I still love how they turned out!  Check out the rest on our Artsonia Gallery!  Here is the original post that showed how to make these!

This one turned out AWESOME!  I think it was my favorite.  True, his colors weren't exactly 100% true to a poinsettia, but he was creative with his glaze application and it turned out great!  The picture does it no justice!

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