Sunday, January 6, 2013

1st Grade: Oil Pastel Snowmen

Last post for the weekend...these are the oil pastel snowmen we finished up this week with my 1st graders.  We started them right before break, as a review of blending oil pastels (from the pumpkin patch project) and having depth in an artwork (through multiple horizon lines, size, and overlapping).  We also talked about and looked at photos of the Northern Lights.  The one thing I'm seeing from this project, is that we now need to focus on appropriate details in a drawing, which I will get into when we start our next unit, which is going to be dinosaurs.

This project was challenging for a few, because of the idea of having a white snowman with white snow in the background.  Some understood the concept of blending in blues to the white snow to differentiate between the snowman and background, whereas others just left some background parts uncolored.  We did discuss what other details could be drawn in, such as Santa, people building the snowman, etc., but only a few put some of those details in.  Here are some of our finished snowmen!

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