Monday, October 29, 2012

1st Grade Pastel Pumpkin Patches

Well, since we had a half day because of Hurricane Sandy, I only have one finished project to share with you instead of three!  Here is the final project for my realistic pumpkin unit with my 1st graders.  This is the first time I've taught them how to use oil pastels and I did a brief introduction to depth with them.  Most of them understood the idea of using multiple horizon lines to make a hilly scene, but most did not do so well with large pumpkins in the foreground and small pumpkins in the background.  That's okay though, because our next unit will concentrate more on depth!

This is just one 1st grade class that has finished.  We had a lot of students absent today (about 5 from this class alone) because of the early dismissal.  At the end of the week I'll share more after my other class finishes them up!


For a first attempt with pastels, I'm very happy!  We have to work on not doing "scribble coloring" but otherwise, these are pretty nice looking!

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