Monday, October 1, 2012

Gym teacher beat up by student....???? Really????

(L-R) John Webster and Rodrigo Carpio (New York Post)

Okay, so I just saw and read this article on Yahoo! about a gym teacher who was seriously injured by one of his students...really???

I think this article shows two things...Number one, how out of control students are getting these days!  The parents seem to think their little kid could never do something like this...but I just think it shows what priorities parents have when it comes to raising their kids...obviously respecting your elders is not one of them!

And two, what little teachers can do to defend themselves when and if this happens to them!  I think everyone knows that if this man had acted any differently, he'd be sued by the's definitely going to be interesting to see how this plays out in the media!  I'll bet that the kid's lawyer is going to try and twist it around on the teacher because he was escorting the student to the office and was holding onto the boy's wrist...granted, it will really stink for teachers if they find that the gym teacher actual did instigate the whole ordeal...

Oh boy!  Another possible negative image of teachers in the media!

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