Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The district I work at is very lucky because we are still allowed to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, etc. Every Halloween the Elementary grade levels have a parade of costumes in our big gym and all their family comes to watch. I went as "Arachna-Woman"! Or spider woman to the little kids!


  1. Yes, you are lucky to be able to celebrate holidays in your school district. We lost those privileges in the '80's! You look "Spider-utiful"!!


  2. 0h my goodness, that could be my school and our annual Halloween parade! It looks practically identical! We still do the costume parade every year, just like your school. Perhaps it is a northern NY rural phenomena?

    1. I think aside from the Potsdam and possibly the Canton school districts, Northern New York is just not diverse! Hate to say it...but it seems pretty true at my district!