Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anti-Bullying Projects

Well, tonight was parent teacher conferences night at our school...and boy oh boy was it a slow night!  We had early dismissal at 11:30 and then teachers had to be back from 3:30-7:30.  I think tonight was the poorest showing of people in my two years there so far!  

Either way, I was able to visit with about 10 new parents, of whom I snagged into my room to give them their student's Artsonia slips.  I was also able to catch up on my grading today AND put up all of those anti-bullying projects we did from the beginning of the year!  

6th Graders:  "Cougars are here to stay so bullies run away!"  
I'm missing a letter "A"...not sure where it superintendent suggested taking the "A" from "are" to replace the "A" in "away" that is missing and then get rid of the "E"...I was a little shocked that she suggested that "texting grammar" but I guess I'll go with it since she suggested it! ;)

6th Graders:  "Bullies beware...the cougars are everywhere!"
If you can't tell already, our school mascot is a cougar!  For this project, I broke students up into groups and had them brainstorm anti-bullying slogans.  Then they picked their best one to write on the board and they voted on one.  A fellow teacher cut out all the letters for me on her Cricut.  Next time I do this project, I'm going to make sure the students color a little darker on the letters...some of them don't stand out very well against the brick.


The last stanza from The Crayon Box That Talked.

K-1 Self-Portraits...

The following are the slogans the 5th graders came up with.  They worked in groups of 3-4 to brainstorm and pick their favorite slogan.  Then we spent two days photographing objects for all our letters.  The photographs turned out really great!  I'm not to thrilled with the way some of them chose to display them, but I also didn't give them much guidance on that either so I guess beggars can't be choosers!  I've got a lot of positive praise about them from teachers already, so I guess I can live with them!
 Be a brother, help each other.

Don't stand by and let others cry.

Bully Free Zone in our EK home.

Bullies drool and cougars rule.

I actually really like this one!  This group really added some creativity to the presentation of their slogan.
Stomp Out Bullying

I have 7 more that need to be mounted on paper to be displayed...more pictures to come once they are finished!


  1. Such an important message to showcase and to visit regularly with students! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  2. I like the ones made with the photographs! Our parent-teacher conferences are the week before Thanksgiving. We have 4 days of half days. The parents sign up for a day and time to visit with the teachers. A couple of the days are evening and a couple are afternoons. The whole time screws with my schedule in a nasty way since I only see my students once a week. It's really hard to get anything done in Nov. between being off for Teachers Convention, Thanksgiving and half-days for Parent Teacher conferences! I won't see my Thursday and Friday classes weeks in a row! They get so behind! Can't believe the super told you to change you "are" to "R" !

    1. Wow! And I thought it was hard having parent teacher conference night 5 weeks into school...