Monday, October 15, 2012

NYSATA Conference here I come!

Woohoo!  Always remember...the best thing you can do is ask!

I checked with my superintendent and she approved my going to the NYSATA conference in November and my district is going to pay for it!  Obviously, of course, I need to requisition it from my own art funds next year if I want to go, but this year the district will pay for it out of their "stash" of extra money!  Yea!

Aaaand...I found that I had extra money in my funds this year because I didn't take into account my 20% discount from Dick Blick and Nasco when I did my requisitions last January, so I have extra money left in my art account to pay for my two year membership to NYSATA, plus some more supplies!  What a great day today was!  LOL  (It usually always is when you find extra money somewhere!)

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