Friday, October 19, 2012

Paper Mache Haunted Houses!

This last Tuesday and Thursday during After School, I had the kids make haunted houses!  I bought these paper mache houses from Nasco, I believe.  I pulled out all my scrapbook type paper, paint, pipe cleaners, pom poms, and fake spider webs and let the kids go to town!  They turned out AWESOME!  And, to top it all off...I have about 5 students left who wanted to work a 3rd day on them to add fences and such...I LOVE it when students tell me they WANT to work an extra day to add more details!

I LOVE the huge spider on this little house!

The kids even used hot glue guns without any accidents!  I'd say that's an achievement!

Afterwards, I had three houses left, so I brought them home and invited a fellow art teacher and friend over for a craft night and we decorated our houses with scrap booking paper!

I plan on adding some foam bats and possibly some pipe cleaner spiders...

The kids really enjoyed this so at Christmas time I will do this project again, but we will turn them into ginger bread houses!


  1. What fun!!! I especially love the ones with the massive spiders on the roof - how creepy! Excellent, topical 3D project :)

  2. Looks like the kids had a great time decorating these! Love how they came out! :)