Wednesday, October 10, 2012

4th Grade Value Cities

I touched on this project a post ago or two, but I've been asked to share the value worksheet I use in class with the kids.  My 4th graders learned about form vs. shape, and how to create the illusion of 3-D forms on paper.  The first class, I showed them a power point and we discussed the difference between the two.  Then, I did a quick demo on how to draw 3D cubes, cylindars, etc. (most already knew how from math class in 3rd grade).

The second class, I gave them the following value worksheet.

The value scale part is the front of the worksheet.  We first do the blending value scale together, talking about pencil pressure and how dark we shade.  Then, we flip over the sheet to look at various shading techniques.  I ask the students to do their second value scale using hatching or cross hatching, and give a quick demo.  Most of them really enjoy using stippling with a marker, so I have them do the third value scale with stippling.  You can see some of the finished value scales in my previous post here.
This is the back of the worksheet.  I can't take credit for it...I found it on the internet a few years ago but can't remember where I got it!  If this is yours please tell me so I can give credit where it is due!

On the third day of this unit, I give students the following worksheet to practice creating value on a form.  It's one thing for them to be able to shade in 8 squares, but it's another to figure out how to create a smooth transition between 8 values on a little space!  We talk about having a light source and what that means to our shading process.

Currently, I will be giving my students 3 days to work on their cities.  They've only had one day so far and are working on drawing them out.  Some are doing pretty well with the concept of 3D forms on paper, others are not...but the true test will come when they start shading!  That's the part I'm excited about!  At first, they moaned and groaned about the project, but once they saw how cool and realistic their drawings become when they start shading, they got really into it!  I was originally going to give them 2 days for the drawing, but if they are doing a good job and taking their time, I will extend it for them, which they seemed happy about!  

This group of 4th graders is actually one of my favorite grade levels to work with...there are some pretty talented students in this grade well as students who are talented and just don't know it yet!  I always love being able to surprise them with their talent!

I borrowed this idea for this drawing project from Art is Basic.  Here is the rubric that I will be grading the students on as well.  More pictures to come in a week or so after they have finished up!


  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! I like those shading worksheets. I will have to use them!

  2. Thank you for sharing - this is a really valuable resource :)

  3. Replies
    1. No problem! Hopefully they work for you! I'm not sure if I am sharing all my worksheets/rubrics in a way that makes it easy for you to take it and use it...I've been using the "Snipping" tool on my computer to take a picture of my computer screen...haven't figured out a free way for me to actually upload these files in Word/Adobe Reader format yet!

    2. Working so far! I am just using your image and copying it into word. From there, I can add a line for name and teacher...(typical things students will forget in my class if I don't designate a place for it!)