Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Back to School Day! ;)

Time to get back to the old bump and grind! ;)  Hope everyone had a relaxing vacation, a great Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate, if you do!) and a fun New Years!  I also hope no one has fallen off the wagon with their resolutions!  So far, on day 2, I'm doing well...I was up 20 minutes earlier than usual this morning so I could devote 15 minutes to my elliptical, even though this is how I felt this morning:
Guys, does I has to get ups this morning??? - Molly, yesterday morning!

And, in other news, this is the new pup we will be adopting.  We still haven't found my Delilah, but after being home for Christmas break and seeing Molly have so much fun with the other dogs, my husband finally conceded that we should get her a buddy again.  She's a lot happier when she has another dog to run around with!  We just need to wait until she is fixed (hopefully by the end of the week).  Supposedly she is a 3-month old pure Akita dog, but the old lady who surrendered her and 3 other puppies didn't have the paperwork to prove it, so we shall see as she gets older!  Not sure about names yet...but I definitely don't want to go for a name that refers to her white fur...too typical!

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