Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's a beautiful day for puppies!

Finally, a great day outside.  It's not too cold, not too warm; fresh snowfall and puppies!  Today happens to be a day 6 for me, so I was actually able to go outside and enjoy the fresh snow with my pups!  Until 1:30, that is, when I do need to go into school to do the extended day program (we'll be glazing our slump/hump pots that we did a few weeks ago...more pictures to come later tonight!  I'm going to try out the Mayco cobblestone glazes after school.).  I also took my camera outside to try and get some good shots...though I didn't venture off the auto option...too much wet snow on my gloves and too much thinking on my part to try and change shutter speeds and such.

Love the in-motion Daphne in the background!

This is Molly...my 1 1/2 year old shepherd mix.

"I'm smilings mom, honest!"

Beautiful Molly!  We call her Frosty Head during the winter...she's always coming inside COVERED in snow!

I LOVE THIS SHOT!  It's like...Where's Daphne???

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