Sunday, January 19, 2014

Elective: Ben Heine Inspired Pencil vs. Camera

Hi everyone!  I'm baack! ;)  This week was my first week back to school after my maternity leave...and it was rough!  It was hard leaving my little one at daycare the first day...but I have to admit that my busy day at school every day kept my mind off of that.  It was hard also because my little one has been diagnosed with reflux and it affects her the worst at night.  This week I was lucky to get 3-4 hours of sleep every night.  And of course, she was happy during the day at day care and crabby at home for mommy and daddy!  We're now trying a second medicine and so far it seems to be kicking it and making her feel better...last night she actually slept for two four-hour stretches!  On top of everything else, I was very sick Friday from lack of sleep and such.  I had a fever and a cranky baby!  Thank goodness for my hubby and friends who babysat her yesterday so I could get some much needed sleep!

When I got back to school on Monday, for the most part I was pleased with what was done on my leave.  For the most part, projects were completed at the bare minimum of what I would expect and nothing much about my classrooms were changed.  So, here's my first "post-pregnancy" blog post!

This particular project is what my elective group was working on when I left.  I had seen various examples of Ben Heine's "Pencil vs. Camera" series on Pinterest and loved the idea of using him as a starting point for a project.  So, my elective class was given the assignment to take a variety of photographs as homework.  In class, they used Picassa to edit them and then finally, they had to add a drawing to the photo that changed it.  I also taught/retaught students how to mat their artwork.  Here are some of the finished products!


  1. Welcome back! Sorry to hear it's been a rocky week, but it will get better! I'm sure the kids were excited to see you.

    I like this project; I'm not familiar with the artist but some of the pieces particularly the first 4 - are REALLY intriguing. Nice job by the kids - the images are thoughtful. But looking at the sunny pictures by the water, I'm a little skeptical whether some of these photos were really taken as part of this assigment, haha! Certainly the recent weather wouldn't have had anyone sitting shirtless on a beach! Though I guess they could have been taken earlier in the fall - now that I look again, I do see some autumn colors in the leaves. Anyhow, really nice work, and welcome back!!

    1. Actually, you are correct. There was one student who joined the class half way through the project. I don't mean to sound mean or rude, but it was a person who has been moved around multiple times this year already in foster care and I honestly did not trust them to bring my camera back. :-/ They did have photos on their phone they used. A second student just plainly did not take photographs at home with my camera...they continually "forgot". After the third day of not having photographs, I made them go through their phone to find some to use!

    2. Oh, and this project was actually started at the very beginning of November...

  2. oh god the reflux, the projectile vomiting, the screaming all night long....ugggggg so was there this time two years ago. Be really good about giving the medicine make sure she is sleeping at incline (rock and play if you are not already using one). She will outgrow it slowly, by four months it gets a bit better, then by six months even a year it will be a TON better. And I love the project!

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