Thursday, January 29, 2015

Oil Pastel Jungle Animals

I LOVE this project!  It's definitely a staple in my room now for 5th graders to do this project.  Their classroom teachers love it (because they draw the animal they research for class) and the students love it because they tend to be so successful with the oil pastels!  I even had one of the teachers ask me if she could have a box or two of oil pastels for the students to draw with in their spare time in their classroom! :)

We did this project last year, and it didn't really change at all.  I printed off a picture of each student's animal for them to use as a resource to draw from.  I demonstrated how to blend oil pastels together and how to create different textures, such as rock, leaf, water, and fur.  We also talk about using complementary colors to create value, not just black and white.

Here are some of this year's results!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

There were so many students who normally turn in rushed, sloppy artwork that did amazing!  I have to admit, I'm one of those bloggers who tends to only upload and share the good work...and this time around, there are student's artwork posted that often never get considered!


  1. Beautiful! Did they draw on coloured paper?

    1. I like doing oil pastel drawings on black construction paper. They outline everything in white oil pastel first and then add the color. :)

  2. These look beautiful! Have you tried this same project with younger students such as 2nd grade?

    1. I haven't done this specific project, per say, with younger students, but I do use oil pastels with younger grades too.

      I've done pumpkin patch drawings: and snowmen drawings: with 1st graders.

      My 3rd graders have done oil pastel Thiebaud cakes:

      4th graders have drawn poinsettias with oil pastels:

      I've also done oil pastel drawings of numbers with kinders: