Saturday, August 31, 2013

26 Weeks and counting!

As probably one of the last blogging art teachers to start school up, I'm sitting in the recliner right now, enjoying my last weekend of the damp, humid summer-like weather that NY is experiencing right now!  Can I just say (and I'm sure other Northern New Yorkers would hate me for saying this right now...but) that this pregnant lady is ready for the cold weather???  Bring on the snow!
Last week's bump of this last Friday, I'm currently 27 weeks!

Onto more lesson planning...Staff development for me is this Tuesday and Wednesday...kiddos come back Thursday.  Soon to follow: an overview of my 7th grade graffiti unit!


  1. Your not the only one! I'm sitting here in my family room contemplating actually moving on this dreary, muggy day here in Northern starts on Tues with the kiddos coming back on Thursday also! Did some school work this I'm thinking, crochet, read my book or do the dishes....( dishes are not going to win) By the way you look great! I understand where you are coming from about Fall not coming too soon for the pregnant lady! I was pregnant with my son during a very hot,muggy summer before we had central air conditioning( or any air conditioning) I was in my 6th and 7th month and literally felt like i was melting! Hang in there and take it easy! :)

  2. Pregnancy suits you - you look terrific! I'm also home in the mugginess today. Strange weather for Labor Day weekend.

  3. Thanks! We've actually ran the AC the last two nights...usually it's out of the window by now! The only other time we ran the money sucker was that really bad week we had in July...

  4. Nope, this mugginess is even gross down in MA. We start tomorrow with students coming in on Wednesday. I hope the heat breaks or we are all going to be miserable. Looking forward to reading more about your high school adventures as I begin my first year full time teaching high school art! Good luck!