Monday, August 5, 2013

Christmas in August!

I always say, when I get to open up my requisition boxes, it's always a huge surprise...just like Christmas!  The custodians finished waxing the floors in my room last week on Thursday so now it's finally time to get everything rearranged to where I want it.  Yesterday, my hubby came and and helped me move around the tables and helped to unpack some of the heavier supplies.  I'm getting so excited to get back to teaching high school art!

My back shelves are all organized...canvas panels up top and we went through and sorted out all the stained glass pieces.  Those boxes on the bottom right are unopened and 1/2 sheets of stained glass.  I have two bins of random glass stored in the dark room...I'm thinking of doing mosaics with the elective class.

Back corner...moved the two manual pottery wheels back there because they take up so much space.

Those three random cabinets have been removed...ah, space!

Another view of the back corner.  The counter on the left, right behind that front cabinet, will be getting three computers with Photoshop!  I'm so excited!  The tech guy will be ordering the newest Photoshop for me!

The two black rolling carts will be leaving the room eventually...right now they are going to be stocked with the old artwork that I don't want from this classroom and then will be put out in the hallway come the beginning of the year for students and teachers to take.  I have asked the custodians to bring down the three electric pottery wheels I have in the elementary room and place them in front of the radiator in this room since I'll be more likely to use them in class with high school.  I have two other carts that are a lot nicer in this room I'll be keeping.

Yup, hubby and the pups came into school to help me out!

Front corner of the room where my desk is.  Keeping a second smaller desk there in case I get a student teacher in the future, and also for a separate area for someone who may need to be separated from the crowd in class.  I currently have a roll of dry-erase board paper being shipped to my house...the top chalkboard will be turned into a dry-erase board for easier handling of objectives, and so I can get rid of the huge whiteboard easel that takes up a lot of room.

Table set-up I'm going for...and some of my supplies I have left to put away.

Yup, we emptied all those boxes in about an hour!  I love my hubby...he's such a helper!

Here are my Post-It note exit slip posters...I'm going to cut out "Exit Slips" on my Cricket to label this section, probably in the empty space on the left cabinet.

Yup, he was ready to go by this point.  I'll be going in Wednesday for a half-day training on Diabetes and I'll finish sorting then!

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