Thursday, March 6, 2014

Roy G. Biv Collage Portraits

This is a project I did last year as part of my rainbow unit in 1st grade.  I liked it so much I decided to do it again with a few small tweeks.  You can view last year's project here.  This year, I split the project up into two days.  First, we reviewed the rainbow and colored some ROY G BIV bracelets.  After these were completed, I discussed portraiture with students.  We discussed what a portrait was versus a self-portrait.  I then asked them to close their eyes and envision Roy G. Biv living on his rainbow.  What would he look like?

For the rest of the period, students used markers to color Roy's head, minus the hair.  I put out four different skin colors of construction paper and allowed tables to get up, one at a time, to get their paper.  Last year, I ended up with all peach-toned Roys.  This year, I have a variety of skin tones, which is nice!

On the second day, we reviewed the rainbow and then added the hair to our Roys.  We glued everything onto a black background and voila!

It's always interesting to see the different face shapes...some use plain circles while others consciously recognize different face shapes!

Love the crazy hair and smile on the right one!

Love the crazy teeth and eyes on the right one!

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